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Our Luxury Yachts and Catamarans available in Phuket

Ocean Escape Charter can take you to magnificent Phuket, one of the treasures of the Andaman Sea. Why limit yourself to one destination in Thailand when you can explore more?

When chartering a yacht in Phuket, your ocean adventure can be vast, varied, and vibrant.

Make new memories with every new island you find yourself in.

Take the luxurious route of doing so aboard our fleet of spectacular motor and sailing yachts and motor and sailing catamaran.

Different sizes, speed, and capacity mean you can book a yacht that will match your specific travel and sailing requirements.

  • Enjoy a splendid escape with a well-appointed boat

  • Be in control of the amenities and services you want to be included

  • Sail with peace of mind, knowing your crew is fully trained and only has your safety and comfort in mind


When you book yacht charters in Phuket, think about how you wish to enjoy your trip. The best thing about a private yacht charter is that you can go wherever you want at a leisurely pace, engage in different water sports, discover hidden island wonders and so much more.

In Phuket, there's no shortage of things to do and places to visit, whether on land or out to sea. Aboard a private yacht charter, you can experience all of them and more.

So go ahead, book a sailing catamaran and drop anchor at Pa Tong beach. Spend a day sightseeing in Phuket and dine in style aboard a yacht.


A bit of indulgence will go a long way.

When you book a yacht charter, always think about how you wish your sailing adventure to begin with contagious excitement and end with fond and unforgettable experiences.

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