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FAQs  Frequently Asked Questions 

Yachts Details

1. Is there life-vest on board? 

 ANS: Yes, we have life-vest for everyone on board (child size please re-check with us)

2. Can we bring food & Alcohol beverage on board?

ANS: Yes, your own Food & Alcohol beverage is welcome free of charge ( a large amount of food please check plate & utiensisl with us again)

3. Is pet allowed on board?

ANS;  Please check with our reservation staff again by providing more detail of your pet and the yacht you will be using.

Reservation Details 

1. What happens in the event of bad weather?

ANS; In the event of bad weather (If the port marine authority announce no boat is allowed to leave the dock) we will refund the trip to our customer 100%.  In the case that the port marine authority does not have any accouncement but there is rain and other boats in the marina still leave the marina then the customer will be c

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