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Beach Picnic on Island

Private Yacht Charter and   Beach Picnic

Make you yachting experience more exclusive with our Beach Picnic  When arrive to the Island

we can provide our customer with a beach picnic 


Picnic Basket Set 

-BBQ Skewers

- Canape Bites 

- Juice  and Drinks 

- Fruits 

* Addiotnal food can be prepared 

Experience your Picnic of a lifetime on the secluded beach in Pattaya and Phuket when you charter a private yacht to the Islands.   Land on the beach with our picnic set includes refreshments,  BBQ skewer, Canape bites and more.

*Best destination for Beach Picnic on the Island is Koh Phai in Pattaya

Private Yacht Charter and Dinning on Beach

Add an extra elegance touch to the yachting trip, clients can choose to go dinning on the Island beach.   

BBQ Lunch or Dinner (Cooking on the beach)

-BBQ Skewers

- Steak 

- Pork Ribs

- Seafood

- Salad etc

* Additional menu can be request

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